What is Brand Dialogue

Brand Dialogue is an independent marketing and brand-design agency founded in 2011, located in Mumbai, Delhi and the Netherlands.

We believe in the power of branding and creativity.
We design for innovation. We connect market challenges with ideas and solutions. We aim at the needs of users and clients. We start a conversation about your brand. We are, Brand Dialogue!


Branding based on the mission and identity of the company and aimed at a creating a strong position in the market. Branding is the basis of marketing. Hier komt nog een regel om dit item nog iets meer body te geven.


Creativity is the source of new ideas and practices. With un-expected answers. For marketing, communication and business. Hier komt nog een regel om dit item nog iets meer body te geven. Hier komt nog een regel om dit item nog iets meer body te geven.


For us design is not only the shape of things, but a way of thinking. Making complicated matters accessible, always keeping the users in mind. Design is thinking, creating and doing. Must look good and feel good. Show quality!


We connect our European and Indian experience. We engage with our clients, we want to understand challenges. Develop branding solutions based on that. Advise CEO’s and management. We dialogue with employees, interact with customers. We integrate our ideas with your processes, so ready for implementation.

Our goal

Improving your positioning, your business and your return of investment : that’s our goal. Including stronger relations with clients and employees. More effective processes…

Willem Woudenberg

Willem Woudenberg is the founder and director of Brand Dialogue. He has worked for more than 25 years at the cutting edge of creative projects, strategy and management in Europe and since 2012 in India. Willem has experience with many European and Indian clients, as well large companies as SME’s. He was co-owner, managing director and chairman of Edenspiekermann a large International design & communication agency.

Willem is also the founder of Designer Dialogue (“Dutch Design – Indian Crafts”) and the representative for World Press Photo in India.

Willem’s mission is to help creating better understanding between India and Europe (in particular The Netherlands) in branding, design and creativity. Willem loves art and is experienced in the arts sector.

Madhuri Dass

Madhuri Dass is executive director of Brand Dialogue. Madhuri loves to help position people and organizations to achieve their missions. She has worked for about 15 years as a communication specialist in India, and has international experience in Asian and African countries, as well as in Europe. She consults independently for not-for-profit organizations and also serves on a not-for-profit Board.