The Goa School  | A learning revolution

The Goa School creates unique, spellbinding coaching-and-learning experiences that help to spawn a network of people from different walks, who support each other in building a purposeful vision towards life, the universe and everything.  The Goa School is creating a learning revolution because it pushes boundaries and horizons by pairing up coaches and learners who may never otherwise cross paths.

Why The Goa School?

India is growing fast, and will soon shape the world. The majority of Indians are youngsters, who need skills, and also vision, values and a sense of purpose to excel. The Goa School is starting a learning revolution to equip these youngsters for their future.

The school is a place of learning where coaches with the desire to ‘give back’ to the community pair up with bright, Indian youngsters to share what they know. Coaches deliver courses on topics they are good at — from physics, to profitmaking and puppetry — in a space where youngsters will learn not only a new skill, but also new perspectives on life, and their own special place in it.

How does it work?

The topics of learning at the school may include leadership, policy, strategy, rap music, design thinking, communication, physics, profitmaking, puppetry, poetry, accounting basics, business ethics, innovation, problem solving, change management, teamwork, etiquette, stress management, acting, archaeology, storytelling, spirituality and much more.

More importantly, the atmosphere within which learning takes place will be exceptional: where youngsters, who may otherwise never get this experience, can share confidences, seek inspiration, build trust and resilience, experiment with self-reliance, and really fine tune who they want to be. Coaches will give of themselves to mentor youngsters with the potential to change the world.

The Goa School will organize week-long, intensive and immersive masterclasses with coaches and learners in Goa, India. Sessions will launch in December 2020, a schedule for which will be available online soon. Coaching and learning will take place in English.

Who can join?


You must be an adult student, young professional or business person with a desire to learn and improve. You can come from any field, and must enter a competitive selection process that will take into consideration your motivation, background and current skills. You will be required to take an online test to see if you qualify. Goa school learners will benefit from  magical learning experiences, year-long mentorship from handpicked coaches, and being part of a supportive network of coaches and learners. Sponsorships are available, if needed.


You must have domain expertise, the ability to support your own travel to and stay in Goa, as well the time to mentor a learner for a period of one year. You will either sponsor a learner yourself, or have another person in your community do this through our sponsorship program. (In some cases, learners will be able to obtain sponsorship themselves, so please don’t stop yourself from applying if you have a really good coaching idea, but cannot support a learner). Please write to us with your proposal, titled COACH PROPOSAL, mentioning your topic, sponsor and contact details.


Those willing to sponsor the activities of the Goa School can write to us with the subject SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL. The cost for sponsoring one learner to a weeklong residential program is about INR 50,000. You may also sponsor a coach, but this proposal should come in from the coach, unless you would like The Goa School to select a coach for you.

Learners, coaches and sponsors will play additional roles at The Goa School such as reviewing course content, providing course feedback, conducting (future) coach and learner selections, etc.

Where does your money go?

The Goa School is a not-for-profit business venture in which unused money will go back into running the school. The Goa School’s accounts will be audited and made public. Mainly, your money will go directly to supporting learners. Management costs will be modest, and subsidized by the founders or sponsors as needed.

For more information write to