The Goa School of Creative Business | A new initiative created by Brand Dialogue

“The Goa School: Connecting Creativity with Business”

Companies in India and Asia are becoming more demanding, complex and international. Change and innovation are permanent success factors. In order to obtain high quality and profits, companies need more design, communication and innovative problem solving experience.

“Think like a designer: you don’t have to be one.”

It’s the ambition of The Goa School of Creative Business (The Goa School) to develop more design and innovation in Indian business. The school will mix Indian (including Jugaad) and European (including Dutch Design) experience.

The Goa School wants to educate managers, creatives, professionals on how to connect creativity with business by learning more about:

  • business strategy for communication, design and branding
  • innovative skills and creative (out of the box) thinking
  • practical capabilities to enable creative people to perform successfully

The Goa School will organize masterclasses, courses, training and additions to regular education not only in Goa, but also in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and other locations.

Target audiences

  1. Design students (almost) having finished their education
  2. Students and others following MBA education
  3. Design, marketing, brand, communication managers
  4. CEO’s, general managers, unit heads
  5. Creative Entrepreneurs

What makes The Goa School special 

  • Indian prices with high international added value
  • Grants for high quality participants
  • No 5 star hotels, but simple, inspiring accommodations in Goa, Mumbai or Ahmedabad
  • Indian and international teachers, and cases from India, Europe, China
  • Teamwork and exploration is a core part of the program

Program portfolio

Module 1 | Making Business with Design

Module 2  | Practicing Communication

Module 3  | Masterclasses on Creativity, Design and Innovation

Module 4 | Interactive Leadership Coaching

Costs & Administration

The Goa School is a project-based organization, with limited overhead.  The business model enables student/client participation rates between INR 0.6 and INR 1.5 lakhs for 3 – 5 days. Courses can be tailor-made, as per requirement. Brand Dialogue is seeking business partners, sponsors and others to help create amazing learning experiences.

Stay tuned for more information about courses being launched soon !