Identity and brand style for Heineken International

Everybody knows the Heineken beer brand, but nobody knew the Heineken company brand. Until 2005. The worldwide Heineken company had different identities across the various countries and markets where the company was active. It was not easy to recognize, and not easy to build one strong brand image for corporate stakeholders, such as international businesses, employees and contracters.

In close cooperation with the Heineken company (including owner Mr. Alfred Heineken) we developed an international company identity, logo and style which was implemented, step by step.

The new corporate identity, managed from the center of the company, was fundamental to the strong international growth of the company in the following years. This worked not only for the organization, but also for its most important business asset: Heineken beer!

Willem Woudenberg, with Edenspiekermann (Amsterdam) 2000 – 2004