National Opera and Ballet, Amsterdam

In the Dutch performing arts sector, the National Opera and Ballet Theater in Amsterdam are at an undisputedly high level. However the number of visitors to see and experience this high-quality art was decreasing. The board of the theater gave Brand Dialogue in 2012 an assignment to research the audience, analyze their current market position and to come up with proposals for a renewed brand positioning, and marketing program.

We visited and analyzed international benchmarks in London, Berlin, Paris and Barcelona. To better understand audience behavior, several sounding groups were organized in Amsterdam. The opinions and ideas of the theater employees were explored through a series of identity workshops an games.

After several rounds of discussion, Brand Dialogue presented proposals for a revised brand positioning and marketing program, in which the iconic theater building, located in one of the most visited locations in Amsterdam, played a central role. Part of the proposal, still in process, was to open a high-quality theatre store and restaurant.