Branding Goudappel Coffeng

Goudappel Coffeng is a leading traffic and transport consultancy. It has almost 50 years’ experience as an engineering and mobility consultancy, and is a familiar brand for government and quasi-government bodies. Most of its staff are partners in the practice. It has offices in five cities, and is in the midst of an international expansion programme.

As part of an ambitious multi-year plan, the management decided to evaluate the consultancy’s identity and image. A study conducted with customers and staff showed that the consultancy had a strong reputation for reliability and expertise, but scored poorly for innovation and a pro-active stance. Following a strategy workshop, we developed four brand values, in consultation with the management, which would breathed new life into the consultancy’s communication, behaviour and company pride.

About 60 staff members then discussed the brand values that had been formulated in internal workshops. This increased their internal relevance and boosted motivation.

A corporate story was used to show the contemporary relevance of the consultancy’s concepts, and the house style and logo were modernized and given a consistent theme. The consultancy’s communication have been made more focussed and recognizable in a company brochure and web site that consciously seek to present Goudappel Coffeng’s people and projects to a wider public, and especially to new and existing customers, in the Netherlands and internationally.

Willem Woudenberg, with Fabrique/Amsterdam (2010)