Does your brand start conversations?

Interview in the magazine Kyooriu

In an interview in the magazine Kyoorius, Wally Olins—recognised as ‘the world’s leading practitioner of branding and identity’ by Financial Times—rightly pointed out, “…isn’t it about time Indian companies stopped talking about brands and stopped thinking about brands simply as little bits of design with a few words stuck underneath, and really thought about what branding is[?]”

In India, businesses are often valued on parameters such as revenues, pro ts, and market capitalization; very rarely is a business valued on its brand value. There is no dearth of globally in uential companies in India, but these are not yet acknowledged as global brands. As Olins said, maybe it’s time for us to rethink our de nition of branding.

Willem Woudenberg, who has been part of the branding industry for 25 years, shares his thoughts on global design imagination, and what India can learn from it.

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