Marketing & Branding

We build brands and make design, marketing and communication really work. Brand Dialogue creates brands based on your strengths and your identity, tuning them to the needs of customers. To build brands we use research, workshops and out-of-the-box thinking. Analysis combined with creativity. Always aimed at creating stronger client relations and more business.

Brand Dialogue works according to a phased project method that will deliver a high return on branding investment. International research shows that this structured and integrated approach will deliver double revenue.

Phase 1: The Brand Scan

We interview your customers, potential clients, employees and other important business relations. We explore your ambitions and business plans. Based on that we advise several scenarios leading to a strong business strategy with marketing and brand perspectives. We also determine in this phase the possible ROI of the project.

Phase 2 : Brand Strategy

Based on the brand scan, we develop proposals for your brand concept and your market position. We translate the concept to what it means for your business, your marketing, your communication, your services, your human resources management and more. Because a focused and consistent brand strategy is a crucial condition for a high ROI. See model below, by Rik Riezebos/EURIB.

We also propose a brand architecture that will strengthen your brand’s basis for further growth. We bring everything together in an appealing brand story and a powerful tagline, that will express your brand’s aspiration.

Phase 3 : Communications

We can help you create or execute a strategic communications plan, or do some parts of both, depending on your needs. We help you decide the correct mix between marketing, communication/pr, design, online media etc. We can help you contract the right staff and implementing partners. We engage creative agencies, all experts in their domain. See our work cases for more info.

Phase 4 : Project management

We support you with implementing the brand and getting things done. Because only then can new branding and design contribute to stronger client relations and a high return. We make an analysis of the costs and benefits and advise you on where to put the emphasis, or what order to follow at particular points in time.