City branding Agra

Branding a country or a city are new expressions of identity in India, and many realize that it works, not only to attract tourism and companies, but also to develop pride among inhabitants. City branding does not mean simply developing a tagline or designing a logo. Research from successfully branded cities as Amsterdam, Bilbao or Melbourne show that the marketing of the city should be connected to innovative changes in the city that express – and prove – the brand promise. Besides, that city branding must be actively supported by inhabitants and companies, and not just the city government. This puts special demands on the flexibility of the brand identity and brand style. Today, city branding in India makes a good fit with the Indian government’s Smart City program.

Fabrique (part of Brand Dialogue in India from 2013-2015) developed a new design for the City of Agra, to make the city more attractive for visitors from India and abroad. Developing the city ‘as a whole’ was important to make Agra a more competitive international tourist destination, and encourage tourism for more reasons than the Taj Mahal. The branding of Agra is part of an ambitious long-term program by the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government, aimed at improving the quality and innovation of the city and the city architecture. The new design played with the letter A and an archway design, to associate Agra with being top of the list, easily recognizable and also flexible.

Fabrique/Brand Dialogue in cooperation with Archohm Architects. 2016