What is Brand Dialogue?

A Dutch-Indian marketing and design agency.

Brand Dialogue is an independent marketing and branding agency founded in 2011, operating in Mumbai, Delhi and the Netherlands. We believe that a strong brand is not just a creative idea or a smart decision by a CEO. A significant brand is the result of dialogue, of interaction. A dialogue with employees and clients.

A strong brand is in the minds and hearts of the company. International research shows that internal branding and marketing are most effective.  Meaning that a brand should implemented in the companies culture, it’s services, sales, social media, products, HRM etc. That way a brand becomes part of the business-focus.

Willem Woudenberg is the founder and director of Brand Dialogue.
He has worked more than 25 years at the cutting edge of creative projects and communication, in Europe and in India. He is also the founder and director of Designer Dialogue.nl and the representative of World Press Photo for India.


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What we do

Marketing & Branding

Brand Dialogue creates brands based on your strengths and your identity, tuning them to the needs of customers..


Brand Dialogue creates and implements brand and design concepts in cooperation with partner creative agencies.

Marketing Support

Brand Dialogue supports European small and medium enterprises and creative agencies with developing business relations in India.